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Curtis Golden private investigator - The case of Daniel Mckenzie - New!

Another story based change the URL type riddle game by Mystery's Games.
You are a private investigator who receives a desperate call for help.
Good luck!

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encounter temporary ends)


Another story based change the URL type riddle game by Mystery's Games.
You wake up in a room, and soon realize that you have been kidnapped. Your task will be to explore your surroundings, and to find a way to escape. Good luck!

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Cruiser Riddle

Are you ready for the adventure? Your aim is to find a lost treasure!
Look out for clues everywhere, and change the URL in order to advance.
The riddle has 50 levels in total.  Good luck!

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99 Chambers

Dear visitor, be warned:
If you enter this castle of 99 Chambers, you may be locked in forever.
But do as you wish. If you decide to enter, remeber to use small-case letters and numbers in order to unlock the doors. Be sure to pack Google, Purplehell, some useful software, and don't forget your brain outside - you will need it.

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Mystery's Riddle 1

Are you ready for the challenge? Just change the URL to get from level to level. Look carefully for the clues, use ciphers to decode messages, search on Google, Wiki and elsewhere, and use your brain.
The riddle has 50 levels in total.

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Mystery's Riddle 2 - Advanced Alien School

This is the Advanced Alien School, and this time you won't just enter my spaceship, but travel around with me. But I must warn you, only the most intelligent human beings are able to finish this journey, and come back to Earth safely.
There are 48 levels plus 20 University stages to solve.

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